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Case Study - NKT Cables - The Role of leadership in a corporate entity

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Motherboard implemented a project for the evaluation of the company's international TOP management with the aim of developing competencies for the role of a true leader. Our decision for suppliers was supported by the fact that Motherboard is also approaching HR projects in the business context; The project input was a survey of employee satisfaction, respectively negative feedback. Employees clearly presented that they expected a change in management. In 2014, we achieved employee engagement of only 25%, managerial efficiency of 49% and teamwork 42%. Management demanded a change in the quality of employee management and an overall improvement in the corporate culture, especially in areas that were assessed as insufficient by the satisfaction survey. Specifically, it was for example unsatisfactory level of communication with superiors, as well as the ability to manage business activities, consistency of values ​​and actions of management, employee motivation and valuation of work performance, leading people to work life balance. The tool of change of management quality was evaluated in the form of 360 ° feedback, ie evaluation of development needs from within the company with the aim of effective setting of the individual development plan. This objective method promotes open relationships and good corporate culture. This project was also a transparent signal to the company as part of internal communication. "Employee feedback is important to us."

The project was launched by a strategic workshop for TOP management to identify problems and proactively address the situation. The potential risks of not addressing the problem were clearly identified: demotivating employees and reducing their performance, leaving key people and the wider economic consequences for the company.

TOP management evaluated the results of the satisfaction survey as a serious signal, and also stated that employees are the greatest value of the company and the priority of their managerial work. The workshop also worked with self-reflection - the situation was explained to the managers, who were ready to change team management into a system which will be sustainable and will translate into improvement of the company culture and ultimately increase the satisfaction of employees overall. After the workshop, each of the managers was ready to start the change with them. The inputs, ie the evaluation tools, were the results of a satisfaction survey, feedback within the workshop and outputs from 360 ° ZV (individual feedback).

Managers were evaluated in 4 competencies, the competency model of the leader was created within the workshop by TOP management. The 360 ​​° assessment was performed by 14 top managers and 70 other key managers and employees provided their assessment. The whole solution of this 360 ° evaluation was tailored both methodologically and technically to the needs of our company. Motherboard has helped us greatly to interpret the outcomes of each assessment.

This includes both professional support to individual evaluated managers as well as an overall summary to the CEO. The follow-up solution was the development plan. The actual development program is not the subject of this case study. In another employee confidence survey conducted in 2016, we achieved employee engagement of 51% (+ 26%), managerial efficiency of 70% (+21%) and teamwork of 61% (+19%).

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