ABC - Analytical business coaching. ABC is a unique method of analytical business coaching, which is an effective tool for the competitiveness of the coached manager, and the company in which the manager operates.

  • ABC demonstrably accelerates the hidden potential of people for the effective functioning of companies, the added value is a permanently positive impact on the quality of life of the coached person.

  • ABC focuses on the development of managers in the direction of professional leadership.

  • It helps to develop personal strengths, effective communication, emotional intelligence, natural managerial authority, teaches a positive attitude of calm and their managementABC combines a business, managerial and psychological (analytical) approach to address the real causes of managerial and corporate failures.

  • Examples of ABC coaching effects: team building and development, professional team management and implementation of functional management tools in practice, consistent and effective performance management, strengthened managerial authority, significant career advancement, improved internal communication and relationships, setting up internal alliances, addressing organizational change, solutions personal situation.

Your coach will be the chief executive of the Motherboard company Markéta Hinková, a

professional with a quality academic and managerial education, long-term experience in business and management. Professional coach with clear values and attitudes, ethical approach, positive mindset, healthy self-confidence and strong motivation and ability to find a practical functional solution for the client.