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Case Study - KABLO Vrchlabí - Development Programme for Line Management

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Motherboard has implemented a comprehensive development project for line management for our manufacturing company.The key factors for the decision to cooperate were very good knowledge of our company environment by the supplier (we know from previous projects), established functional relationships and project design focused on quite practical solutions to our specific needs.

We were also looking for implementers with their own successful management / business practice, not a standard training firm.The position of line management in the company KABLO Vrchlabí places high demands on individual masters (master is perceived as a key link between operators and company management).

As part of its vision, the company has set high performance targets, and so the systematic development of masters has become one of the strategic tools that has the potential to make a significant contribution to this vision. One of the main tasks was to strengthen the managerial role of the master in production by increasing the quality of managerial competencies. The logical step, which preceded the setting of the team and individual development plan, was the implementation of on-line evaluation of the managerial competencies of the masters - 360 ° feedback.

A detailed analysis of individual evaluation outcomes (ie existing levels of individual managerial competencies such as managerial and communication skills, team motivation skills, personality) was the input for designing an effective development program to achieve the required level of managerial competencies.

We evaluate the development program as successful. Thanks to intensive training, the masters mastered the managerial craft, increased their real powers and strengthened their managerial role in the company.

The project also brought concrete proposals for changes for the management of operators in production. The proposed action plan has been implemented in our manufacturing practice. Examples include clear and effective communication in the context of consistent compliance with the decision-making powers of the master (operator feedback, monthly operator evaluation), setting rules for the use of the Master Fund (incentive tool, support for increasing specialization on machines, increasing performance) and HR (effective interviews with candidates, GDPR, work with HR processes by the master, etc.), work safety from the perspective of the line manager, meeting of the masters in a modified format, support of corporate culture and internal communication by the line manager.

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