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Motherboard – The Story

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

The decision to set up a consultancy firm was born at the turn of 2012/2013. There were several fundamental reasons for this. The desire to do counselling and coaching differently, the motivation to make the most of your own experience and potential in private business, the desire for personal freedom, and, in the same vein, the unwillingness to build a career as an 'employee'. The prerequisite was the courage to function independently and accept personal responsibility and a relatively high risk, sufficient confidence in one's own ability to build quality business relationships, positive mindset and enthusiasm. Seven years of existence of the company is proof that to take its own path was an excellent decision. The company owns the luxury of project collaboration with wonderful people who are not only top experts in their fields, but also decent people with quality values. Another significant effect is the opportunity to harmonize business and personal life. This is clearly going well. The vision was not to build a model of corporate consulting firm, but a flexible and agile business unit, which provides clients with top services and people enjoy work and balance. One of the key measures of a company going in the right direction is the feeling that “work is fun”. Clients often ask why Motherboard. At first glance it might seem that the company is doing business in the field of IT, possibly caring for preschool children. The name was devised by the founder's daughter quickly and spontaneously. The first argument was that the motherboard is the motherboard on the computer where everything is stored. All know how, data, information. That was a convincing argument. Emotional argument number two “… You are such a mummy base,” he said. A brand that communicates expertise and positive emotions at the same time is a good marketing opener for the company, which also expresses the business mission well. The company says it practices values ​​such as education, decency, sports morality, agreement, cultivated behavior and long-term functional relationships.

These are the values ​​we believe in and truly live. The founder of the company herself lifelong education to provide its clients with top services. She graduated in psychology at Charles University. Subsequently, it only invested its own resources in further development. She received five-year intensive psychoanalytic training. The first investment after the employee's career was an MBA focused on alternative distribution (franchising). Another logical continuation was the academic doctoral study (PhD.) And the DBA managerial doctoral study. The dissertation presented its own method of analytical business coaching. Professional experience is an extension of education. The founder of the company has undergone various professional roles such as a member of the management of an international consulting company, business unit director for HR segment, managing director of headunter company, business developer and senior consultant for business consulting, training and development segments.

In addition to the business sphere, activities are also directed to the academic sphere. Specifically, it is a tutorial of MBA, PhD., DBA in Czech and English. It is a unique opportunity to pass on your own experiences to students. The founder of the company received the "Tutor of the Year" award. The face of the company is also associated with the interests of their people. It is not enough to present to clients only by education, experience, references. Functional relationships are also built by how interesting the personalities are. What topics they have to discuss, what they are interested in, how active and positive life they lead. We are returning to the beginning of this post. Harmony of work and personal life, freedom to do things that you enjoy, realize your hobbies. Maybe spend a lot of time in the mountains, ski in winter and intensively train racing ski workout.

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